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03.02.2019 - 04.02.2019 | Cairo | Conference

A new Era in the transport system implementing the new 2030 vision to connect Africa and the Middle East with Europe and Asia

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2030 Mega Projects Conference
3rd -4th February 2019 in Cairo

Connecting THE NEW ERA

2030 Mega Projects in the Transport Sector Objectives includes:

-Mega projects in the sector of infrastructure, mass and urban transport, maritime transport and logistics
-Development of facilities and the promotion of maritime transport, including global developments in the shipping industry.
-Modernize and develop the network of existing roads to provide greater comfort, capacity and safety, also to expand this network to meet future needs for development.
-Development of inland waterways of the river transport service and provide the highest levels of security.
-Making plans for the establishment and development and strengthening of railway networks on the national level.
-Develop plans to establish subway networks (Cairo Metro).
-Work on the development of land ports and enhancing their performance.