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Daily News Egypt: Dell EMC’s business size in Egypt $100m

Company plans to contribute technological solutions to the New Administrative Capital.
06.04.17 | Interesting article at Daily News Egypt

The business size off Dell EMC in Egypt reached $100m. The company is establishing seven subsidiaries of Dell Technologies, after the merger with EMC in September. The deal—financed by eight international banks—was valued at $67bn, making it the largest deal in the history of the communications and information technology (CIT) sector.

The company began to launch their products bearing the new brand in February. Mohamed Tantawi, director and general manager of the company’s unit in Egypt and Libya, told Daily News Egypt in an interview that it targets boosting spending on research and development in 2017, noting that its business size amounts to $73bn, with presence in 180 countries around the world.

What is the company’s business size in Egypt?

The size of our business in Egypt is approaching $100m after the acquisition.

What are the details of the merger deal between Dell and EMC?

The merger deal was concluded between Dell and EMC in September 2016. The total value of the deal amounted to $67bn, making it the most expensive deal in the field of communications and information technology in history.

The merger took place on 19 July 2016 after 98% of EMC’s stakeholders approved it.

The world’s largest 14 banks proposed to contribute in financing the deal, eight of which were chosen.

Following the merger, the name of the company became Dell Technologies, with seven subsidiaries under its umbrella, including Dell, Dell EMC, Pivotal Software, SecureWorks, and VMware.