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Daily News Egypt: Egypt to focus on African exports market

Negotiations for the establishment of a free trade zone with Africa to begin this year.
02.01.17 | Interesting article at Daily News Egypt

The Egyptian Commercial Service Office (ECS) has designed an ambitious plan to enhance Egypt’s presence in Africa, which Egypt has hedged its bets on for the coming period.

Ahmed Antar, head of the ECS, said that they are currently studying the possibility of taking part in international exhibitions in the African continent, as well as beginning negotiations on the establishment of a permanent exhibition in Djibouti, along with other talks to set up an Egyptian-African free trade zone.

How many commercial offices does ECS intend to open in the coming period, and in which countries?

The Ministry of Trade and Industry prepared a plan to restructure its commercial representation abroad, out of the belief that the coming period requires rapid actions to restore the competitiveness of Egyptian products.

We opened offices across Africa last year in Ghana, Ivory Coast, Uganda, Tanzania. We plan on opening an office in Djibouti in 2017.

Meanwhile we restructured other offices, and closed nine offices in Portugal, Chicago, Denmark, Australia, Ukraine, Libya, Yemen, Syria, and Basra.