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Daily News Egypt: Banque Misr requires customers to provide travel documents to use cards abroad

These new controls are designed to prevent cards abuse, says bank chairperson.
19.10.16 | Interesting article at Daily News Egypt

Banque Misr has added new controls to use credit and debit cards outside Egypt, in order to prevent the misuse of cards abroad, according to bank chairperson Mohamed El-Etreby.

El-Etreby told Daily News Egypt that customers who wish to use their cards outside Egypt must provide documents that prove that they are travelling abroad in order to be able to use the card.

Documents include the customer’s passport, visa, and ticket.

El-Etreby emphasised that the bank has not amended the cards usage limits, and that customer’s cards will not be suspended unless misuse is proven.

The bank noticed that a number of customers in several provinces placed deposits in order to obtain debit cards. Those cards were then collected by either the initial customer or someone else, who then would travel abroad and withdraw US dollars to trade in the informal market, according to El-Etrbey