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Daily News Egypt: General Electric sees many opportunities for investment in Egypt

The company stood by Egyptians during and after the revolution; to continue supporting Egypt no matter what matters arise.
22.09.16 | Interesting article at Daily News Egypt

General Electric (GE) is partnering with the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company to connect 7 GW of power to Egypt’s national grid using GE’s gas-insulated switchgear technology.

In an interview with Daily News Egypt, GE president and CEO for north east Africa Ayman Khattab said that the business environment in Egypt looks positive. There are a lot of opportunities for growth across sectors and the market is attractive to foreign investors, he believes.

In your opinion, how do you evaluate the business environment in Egypt?

Like any market, there are some ups and downs. When we think about Egypt, we always focus on a long-term vision. Therefore, we are confident in the market’s potential and we see a lot of growth opportunities across different sectors.

Overall, the business environment in Egypt looks positive. The market is attractive to foreign investors. Entrepreneurship is growing in the country, and that is a healthy sign and a strong economic boost.