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What you should know about Facebook in 2012

Facebook is making it big - & the world cannot do anything but watch 845 million monthly active users share information & getting to know each other.
13.06.2012 | Egypt Business Directory


Facebook IPO won't help Egypt's economy, but these ideas will

Nathan Field, co-founder of Industry Arabic, talks about the entrepreneurial sub-sectors that could be of use for the Egyptian economy.
11.06.2012 | Policy Mic


Tunisia tourism hit harder than Egypt by Arab Spring

Despite the major concerns of Egyptian officials about the drop in the tourism sector, Travel Weekly assures that Egypt is luckier than Tunisia.
07.06.2012 | Travel Weekly


Egyptians bend over backwards for a President

Media scholar and lecturer at Georgetown University Adel Iskandar writes about how Egyptians are forced to slide from one dilemma into another.
31.05.2012 | Huffington Post


Solar power in MENA

Solar power has great potential in the Middle East and North Africa region, yet countries are not confident enough to take a step closer to green.
29.05.2012 | Reve


The case for investing in Egypt (EGPT)

Reporter Rudy Martin explains the easiest way to invest in Egypt and contemplates whether its the world's next investing wonder.
29.05.2012 | ETF Daily News


What do Facebook and Egypt's elections have in common?

Canadian writer Mark Steyn writes about the connection between Facebook IPO and the Egyptian elections which are taking place now.
29.05.2012 | Investors Business Daily


The definitive Africa ETF guide

Although investors are not that keen to invest in Africa, one must admit it is the world's second largest continent.
29.05.2012 | MarketWatch


5 surprises in Egypt's presidential election

The past week was packed with tumult and nerve-wrecking disputes, but what are the five biggest surprises of the Egyptian Elections 2012 so far?
28.05.2012 | FOX News


The Way Forward for Women Entrepreneurs in Egypt

“Co-Creation: Women and Entrepreneurship World Cafe” is an event where women discuss "meaningful" matters, such as the economy and entrepreneurship.
28.05.2012 | Wamda


Google Chrome overtakes Internet Explorer as the most used browser

When comparing between browser giants Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari & Opera, one notices how fast Chrome's popularity is growing.
22.05.2012 | Next Web


Google totally blows away Facebook on ad performance

Studies from WordStream have shown that Facebook advertising have a lower click-turnout than Google advertising.
22.05.2012 | Business Insider


Which presidential candidate is most popular on Facebook?

The Egyptian presidential elections for 2012 are coming up this week, and Facebook statistics may tell us a bit more about the possible result.
20.05.2012 | Gehad Hussein


Dr. Abdel Moneim Abol Fotouh: The Economic Plan

Presidential Candidate Dr. Abdel Moneim Abol Fotouh wants to focus on self-sufficiency and division of wealth to all strata in his economic plan.
18.05.2012 | Gehad Hussein


Dr. Mohamed Morsy: The Economic Plan

As a member of the Freedom & Justice Party and the Muslim Brotherhood, Dr. Mohamed Morsy plans to transform Egypt into a developmental economy.
18.05.2012 | Gehad Hussein


Amr Moussa: The Economic Plan

Halting the free-fall of the economy and stabilizing state finance is the priority of Amr Moussa, if he wins Egypt's coming presidential elections.
18.05.2012 | Gehad Hussein


Google's Ebda2 Competition in Egypt ends with Controversy

Omar Aysha writes about how it seems that Google wanted to benefit from this competition far more than Egypt’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.
16.05.2012 | Wamda


13 facts about Smartphone use around the world

In Egypt, Windows Mobile is war more popular than the iPhone, whereas Android is most popular in Japan - a crazy smartphone world.
16.05.2012 | Business Insider


6 Most Powerful Egyptian Women in 2012

CEO Middle East Magazine revealed its list of the top 100 most powerful Arab women, including six women from Egypt.
14.05.2012 | Arabian Business


Egypt's Economy: 15 months after the revolution

What it will take to sell post-Mubarak Egypt to foreign investors in view of serious problems facing Egypt’s economy these days?
10.05.2012 | Universal Consensus


7 people you cannot afford to exclude from your Startup Team

Define your own best and then hire, not just those with suitable expertise, but those with suitable personalities.
10.05.2012 | Wamda


Facts about job interviews: What are you doing wrong?

33% of bosses claim that they know within the first 90 seconds of an interview whether they will hire someone or not - find out how and why.
09.05.2012 | Gehad Hussein


The Egyptian Republic of Retired Generals

An elected parliament of a majority of Islamists has failed to recognize, or has ignored, the deep military penetration of Egypt's economy.
09.05.2012 | Foreign Policy


Egypt: Profile of politics and economy

The political and economic scene has severely changed ever since Mubarak was forced out of power, and so have the forecasts and outlooks.
08.05.2012 | Reuters


The Death of Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

If you're concerned about how your online marketing strategyinfluences your profit, you need to go through the backdoor of Pay Per Click Advertising.
08.05.2012 | Social Media Today

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