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How to Make Money on Facebook

Is your Facebook page a real snoozer? You won't make much money that way! Even the smallest business can make money on Facebook. Here's how.
24.01.2012 | Inc. Magazine


Google Science Fair 2012 Opens to Arab Students

Science students looking to answer burning questions about the nature of existence now have Google’s help.
24.01.2012 | Wamda


Will the iPhone 5 Be an Epic Fail?

Why the iPhone 5 might be the phone that finally fails to impress.
23.01.2012 | Inc. Magazine


Don't Call Us--We'll Facebook You

Email, text messaging, social media and phone are all competing for attention. So what's the best way to communicate directly with a client?
23.01.2012 | Inc. Magazine


2011 In Review: 4 Innovative Products We Like in Egypt

Egyptians released a number of innovative products in 2011, despite all the challenges ahead, including Wadeeny and Law3andakDam.
23.01.2012 | Bright Creations


Google's Tools and Services help you succeed in Online Marketing

With Google’s free tools and services that are introduced for the benefit of the online marketer, you can harvest more success.
23.01.2012 | PromoLinks


Journalism in Egypt: A Very Quick Guide

One of the most interesting questions will be how the events, whatever they turn out to be, are covered by the local press.
19.01.2012 | Maurice Chammah


The 5 Hardest Jobs to Fill in 2012

While you're planning your expansion, you're going to find that talent is in short supply, especially in these five areas.
18.01.2012 | Inc. Magazine


What's an Entrepreneur? The Best Answer Ever

This classic 25-word definition pares entrepreneurship to its essence and explains why it's so hard. And so addictive.
18.01.2012 | Inc. Magazine


SOPA and PIPA: Just the Facts

What are SOPA and PIPA, exactly, and why are tech luminaries lambasting legislation aimed at stamping out copyright infringement?
18.01.2012 | PC World


LinkedIn Mistakes: Top 5 Ways to Kill Your Credibility’s Jeff Haden recently posted some suggestions for improving a LinkedIn profile. While he’s provided some fabulous advice.
17.01.2012 | Geoffrey James


5 Things I Look for In a Great Job Interview

After years of seeing it all in job interviews, here is what separates a good candidate from a great one.
17.01.2012 | Inc. Magazine


Study quantifies the impact of broadband speed on GDP

Dating back to September 2011, this study by Ericsson remains newsworthy nevertheless, since doubled broadband speed has a 0.3% effect on the GDP.
15.01.2012 | Ericsson Egypt LTD.


What Role For Women After The Arab Spring?

How can arab women play a role in their countries after the arab spring in both political and economic areas.
12.01.2012 | Amanda Riggs


12 Easy Ways to Increase Sales

Make these easy tweaks to your sales process to create a huge increase in sales revenue.
12.01.2012 | Geoffrey James


Trust Me, I'm A Social Media Expert

It’s about understanding human beings, how individuals consume media, what drives us, what amuses us, what speaks to us.
12.01.2012 | Forbes


Announcing the Wamda Best MENA Startups of 2011

Lead startups in all categories were chosen by our readers, who submitted tens of thousands of votes before midnight January 3rd, 2012.
11.01.2012 | Wamda


Entrepreneurs Opportunities and Deadlines

This month is full of options so we hope you pick the most relevant ones to you and attend, apply and win!
08.01.2012 | Abdelrahman Magdy


7 Things Highly Productive People Do

You have more important things to focus on than, um, focusing. Get back on track with these tips.
04.01.2012 | Inc. Magazine


8 Tips for Successful Online Marketing

Online marketing at its core is about creating great brand recognition - and here is how to do it.
03.01.2012 | Wamda


A Guide To Your Next Marketing Job

Do you see yourself as a marketing person? Do you need to develop your marketing knowledge and skills? Here is a list of training centers in Egypt.
03.01.2012 | Norah Mohsen


January 2012 Top 50 Entrepreneurs to Follow on Twitter

A list of the top 50 recommended Entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter for January 2012 - including Egypreneur.
02.01.2012 |


Humans have the need to read

The discovery that our brains are physically changed by the experience of reading is something many of us will understand instinctively.
02.01.2012 | The Guardian


By the numbers: Mobile apps in 2011

By the end of this year, there were almost 30 billion cumulative app downloads worldwide from the major mobile platforms.
01.01.2012 | GigaOM


10 Historical Events affected by Social Media

Today we turn to social media when an influential event occurs as a way to share our personal experiences and relate to the people most affected.
29.12.2011 | Mashable

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Alexandria Steel Forming Company
Alexform is the leading manufacturer of cold rolled steel profiles, offering both quality products and reliable service to its customers.
Established in 1980 with 45 employees, CATEC is a petroleum companies' service provider.
Giza National Automotive (GNA), Mercedes-Benz)
Established in 2001, an Authorized Dealer for Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars. GNA owns two giant «3S» facilities in Dokki and Pyramids Heights
Oriental Resorts for Touristic Development
Oriental Resorts was founded in 1996 by some of Egypt's most respected and biggest companies for contributing in the evolution of Egyptian tourism.
Arabian American Real Estate
Real estate, rentals, sales of property to foreign companies and individuals, such as offices, lands, appartments, villas and investment property.
Sadko Trade & Distribution
Sadko for Trade & Distribution was founded by Engineer Sadek Ghabbour to trade in electrical home appliances on cash and credit basis.
HWP Planungsgesellschaft mbH
Engineers, architects and consultants who have been planning successfully for more than 35 years.

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