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The Egyptian Economy: Anesthetic or Remedy?

Is Egypt treating the consequent symptoms of its economic problems or is it focusing on the root of all setbacks?
24.03.2014 | Hussein Kamal Mehrem


Egypt's Constitution: Promoting a knowledge-economy?

Egypt's constitution recognizes the importance of a knowledge-economy & emphasizes the need of scientific research, innovation & creativity.
16.03.2014 | Ahmed Abdel Latif


Where do Egyptian companies stand in Forbes lists?

Egypt’s rankings in the Forbes lists make it clear that it is the world’s unnoticed underdog – take a look at where the country stands.
03.03.2014 | Ahmed Selim


Why is entrepreneurship constrained in MENA?

Will the Arab youth be part of economic growth and progress in the region - or is entrepreneurship in MENA just an illusion?
25.02.2014 | Hussein Kamal Mehrem


Infographic: Egypt has highest rate of social media usage

88% of Egyptian internet users access social media, according to the latest report by the Pew Research Center.
24.02.2014 | Egypt Business Directory


6 reasons why Dahab is the best place for blogging

A list of reason why Dahab could be the ultimate place for a travel blogger to be - the a weary traveler could end up staying a long time.
19.01.2014 | Justin Carmack


Egypt Business Directory's Top 10 Reports in 2013

2013 has been a very turbulent year for Egypt - find out which reports were most read on Egypt Business Directory.
29.12.2013 | Egypt Business Directory


Why Egypt's army is bad at doing business

The truth is, the Egyptian military is far from being a well-oiled business machine.
21.11.2013 | Farah Halime


How easy is it to do business in Egypt in 2014?

Egypt was ranked 128 out of 189 in ease of doing business, scoring highest in the category of trading across borders.
30.10.2013 | Egypt Business Directory


The All-inclusive: Possible death spell on Egypt's tourism

The problem nobody is thinking of, and the one we have to solve, is that the all-inclusive tourists are generally cheap.
23.09.2013 | Assem Memon


Op-Ed: Foreign aid to Egypt - a clear no-go?

Egyptians need to decide whether they will conform to restrictions coming with foreign aid – or whether they will write their own share of history.
21.08.2013 | Gehad Hussein


10 reasons Egypt is vital to US economy and security

Whatever the reasons the US public is less excited about Egypt’s on going revolution at the moment, the country is in fact important to the US.
21.07.2013 | Oil Price


7 strategic lessons inspired by the Egyptian Army

What can the military's actions in the past week teach marketeers and strategic thinkers?
09.07.2013 | Hesham Shata


A year in office: Morsi's economic mistakes

What went wrong with Egypt's economy ever since President Mohamed Morsi took the office?
01.07.2013 | Farah Halime


A summary on Egypt's Social Media Day 2013

Mashable’s Social Media Day worldwide event was held in Egypt for the first time on June 25, 2013.
27.06.2013 | Digibuzz


How Google Chrome can manage your finances

Google Chrome is the world’s most popular web browser, according to Top Ten Reviews, and it can help its users manage their finances.
19.06.2013 | Egypt Business Directory


Infographic: Internet usage in Egypt and the Arab World

Egyptians mainly use the internet to post pictures and 94% of the Arab World’s online users are on Facebook, whereas 46% are on Google+.
16.06.2013 | Egypt Business Directory


Egypt's top companies: the Power 34

Forbes Middle East published its Power 500 list, giving an account of the region’s top 500 companies – Egypt scored 34 times.
16.05.2013 | Egypt Business Directory


An Egyptian entrepreneur's trip to the US State Department

What is the US doing with entrepreneurship that we lack? Is it a hard thing to do? Lessons learned and best practices.
12.05.2013 | Ayman Ismail


20 grammar rules for writing in business

When writing e-mails or business proposals, one needs to be very accurate and tidy - grammar mistakes are an enormous setback.
08.05.2013 | Small Business Trends


Should Egypt's businessmen use Samsung's Galaxy S4?

Samsung’s “Life Companion” Galaxy S4 might not be a must-have for an average Egyptian, but it does have beneficial treats for Egypt’s businessman.
30.04.2013 | Egypt Business Directory


Next Step for real estate

Bringing real estate companies and customers together was one of the main aims of the Next Step Exhibition last week.
28.04.2013 | Egypt Business Directory


The facts about tourism in Egypt

Tourism in Egypt has been witnessing ups and downs throughout the past two years – but where lie the facts?
24.04.2013 | Egypt Business Directory


Next Step: Addressing real estate in Egypt

With the rise in residential demand, Mall of Arabia is hosting the first annual real estate exhibition for companies in 6th of October.
21.04.2013 | Egypt Business Directory


When Diesel Fuel is just not enough

Diesel fuel, the main source of our electricity has been vanishing from sight and increasing in price – where’s the alternative?
18.04.2013 | Gehad Hussein

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Allianz Egypt
Established in 1976, Allianz Egypt obtained license as life insurer in 2001, and specializes in general, life insurance and financial investments.
Juhayna Food Industries
Producer and exporter of dairy products, milk, fermented milk, yogurt, drinking yogurt, juice and white cheese.
Established in 1980 with 45 employees, CATEC is a petroleum companies' service provider.
Sadko Trade & Distribution
Sadko for Trade & Distribution was founded by Engineer Sadek Ghabbour to trade in electrical home appliances on cash and credit basis.
Giza National Automotive (GNA), Mercedes-Benz)
Established in 2001, an Authorized Dealer for Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars. GNA owns two giant «3S» facilities in Dokki and Pyramids Heights
Egyptian Swiss Chemical Industries Co. (Swiss Chem)
Founded in 1905 as a producer of shoes polish and all types of nails.
Alexandria Steel Forming Company
Alexform is the leading manufacturer of cold rolled steel profiles, offering both quality products and reliable service to its customers.

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