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The Superpower: Branding

A lot of startups or businesses come up with a logo and a color, thinking that this will create a brand name. Unfortunately, this is not the case.
08.06.2014 | Brand Bridge


10 tips to survive in the Egyptian Market

One word to all those young people who took the risk and started a new business in Egypt during the last years: CHAPEAU!
07.06.2014 | Ahmed Hosseiny


Infographic: Egypt has highest rate of social media usage

88% of Egyptian internet users access social media, according to the latest report by the Pew Research Center.
24.02.2014 | Egypt Business Directory


6 reasons why Dahab is the best place for blogging

A list of reason why Dahab could be the ultimate place for a travel blogger to be - the a weary traveler could end up staying a long time.
19.01.2014 | Justin Carmack


7 strategic lessons inspired by the Egyptian Army

What can the military's actions in the past week teach marketeers and strategic thinkers?
09.07.2013 | Hesham Shata


25 Most Visited Websites in Egypt 2012

Alexa Internet, an intelligent Web Navigation tool, has a list of the top 500 sites in Egypt - here are the top 25 of 2012.
31.12.2012 | Egypt Business Directory


E-Marketing: Discover the ugly truth of offline marketing

Are you still dedicating your efforts in offline marketing activities? You are still doing regular events, seminars and print outs? Well read this.
18.12.2012 | Ayman Ismail


Thomas Edison vs Nikola Tesla, the Marketeer vs the Engineer

Edison vs Tesla Who is more famous? Who impacted our daily life more than the other? If your answer is Thomas Edison, then this article is for you.
02.12.2012 | Ayman Ismail


How do the world's top 10 brands do it?

Apple, Ford, Coca Cola, Amazon, Starbucks, Nike, FedEx - they all have the know-how, and it is about time to share their secrets.
17.09.2012 | Entrepreneur


Google totally blows away Facebook on ad performance

Studies from WordStream have shown that Facebook advertising have a lower click-turnout than Google advertising.
22.05.2012 | Business Insider


The Death of Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

If you're concerned about how your online marketing strategyinfluences your profit, you need to go through the backdoor of Pay Per Click Advertising.
08.05.2012 | Social Media Today


Best of the Blogs 2012

Best Use of Technology for Social Good in the BOB awards went to Harassmap, an Egyptian website to report sexual harassment.
07.05.2012 | Global Voices Online


How To Develop a Marketing Strategy in 5 Easy Steps

A marketing strategy will help you in defining business goals and develop activities to achieve them.
04.04.2012 |


Internet and Media Statistics in Egypt

The Nielsen company released these reserach results based on fieldwork conducted between September and November 2010.
22.03.2012 | Insights MENA


Facebook Brand Timelines: 6 Big Changes Marketers Need to Understand

Since Facebook is launching a new layout and design for fan pages and groups during the month, companies need to get ready for the new style.
01.03.2012 | Mashable


Google+ vs. Facebook

A summary of Google+ features and usage and how it compares to Facebook in marketing your business.
13.02.2012 | PromoLinks


15 Powerful Twitter Tips for Your Small Business

The key to successful Twitter marketing is to focus on building strong relationships with your customers and prospects.
01.02.2012 | Twitter Tools Book


Google's Tools and Services help you succeed in Online Marketing

With Google’s free tools and services that are introduced for the benefit of the online marketer, you can harvest more success.
23.01.2012 | PromoLinks


8 Tips for Successful Online Marketing

Online marketing at its core is about creating great brand recognition - and here is how to do it.
03.01.2012 | Wamda


Lead Generation and Internet Marketing in Egypt

There are reported to be 17 million internet users in Egypt and a growth of 3,691% between the year 2000 and 2010.
12.12.2011 | MVF Global


Google Ads: Who does that?

The Shopping Industry publishes about 54% of Google Ads a month. Which other sectors actually advertise on Google and why?
19.10.2011 | Gehad Hussein


20 Most Expensive AdWords in Google

The most expensive word on earth is “Insurance”, closely followed by “Loans” – Google gives words value to gain advertising revenue.
19.10.2011 | Gehad Hussein


3 Tips To Give Your Website Content Maximum Exposure

A few tips on how to make your website content as efficient and effective as possible.
22.08.2011 | Egypt Internet Marketing


Why use Social Media Marketing?

It became apparent to forward-thinking businesses that Facebook and Twitter could be utilized as promotional tools for their products and service.
22.08.2011 | Egypt Internet Marketing


How to use Twitter for Business

Twitter is a wonderful business tool, not least because it’s free; all it will cost is your time.
22.08.2011 | Egypt Internet Marketing

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Latest News

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Online Shopping made easier in Egypt
Egypt signs with six international firms to dredge new Suez Canal
Price rises to kill fertiliser black market: Agriculture Minister
Egypt's broadband market worth LE310 bn by 2030


Sadko Trade & Distribution
Sadko for Trade & Distribution was founded by Engineer Sadek Ghabbour to trade in electrical home appliances on cash and credit basis.
HWP Planungsgesellschaft mbH
Engineers, architects and consultants who have been planning successfully for more than 35 years.
Juhayna Food Industries
Producer and exporter of dairy products, milk, fermented milk, yogurt, drinking yogurt, juice and white cheese.
Alexandria Steel Forming Company
Alexform is the leading manufacturer of cold rolled steel profiles, offering both quality products and reliable service to its customers.
Giza National Automotive (GNA), Mercedes-Benz)
Established in 2001, an Authorized Dealer for Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars. GNA owns two giant «3S» facilities in Dokki and Pyramids Heights
Oriental Resorts for Touristic Development
Oriental Resorts was founded in 1996 by some of Egypt's most respected and biggest companies for contributing in the evolution of Egyptian tourism.
Established in 1980 with 60 employees, CATEC is a petroleum companies' service provider.

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