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Despite austerity, spending in new budget is close to last year's

After weeks of budget-related drama, Mada Masr looks at how Egypt's old and new budget plans differ - or not.
09.07.2014 | Mada Masr


The Dilemma of Egypt's Energy Subsidies

Providing subsidies has always been perceived as part of the social contract between the people and the government - now, the contract is altered.
07.07.2014 | Hussein Kamal Mehrem


Where do Egyptian companies stand in Forbes lists?

Egypt’s rankings in the Forbes lists make it clear that it is the world’s unnoticed underdog – take a look at where the country stands.
03.03.2014 | Ahmed Selim


Why is entrepreneurship constrained in MENA?

Will the Arab youth be part of economic growth and progress in the region - or is entrepreneurship in MENA just an illusion?
25.02.2014 | Hussein Kamal Mehrem


Egypt Business Directory's Top 10 Reports in 2013

2013 has been a very turbulent year for Egypt - find out which reports were most read on Egypt Business Directory.
29.12.2013 | Egypt Business Directory


Why Egypt's army is bad at doing business

The truth is, the Egyptian military is far from being a well-oiled business machine.
21.11.2013 | Farah Halime


How easy is it to do business in Egypt in 2014?

Egypt was ranked 128 out of 189 in ease of doing business, scoring highest in the category of trading across borders.
30.10.2013 | Egypt Business Directory


Op-Ed: Foreign aid to Egypt - a clear no-go?

Egyptians need to decide whether they will conform to restrictions coming with foreign aid – or whether they will write their own share of history.
21.08.2013 | Gehad Hussein


A year in office: Morsi's economic mistakes

What went wrong with Egypt's economy ever since President Mohamed Morsi took the office?
01.07.2013 | Farah Halime


How Google Chrome can manage your finances

Google Chrome is the world’s most popular web browser, according to Top Ten Reviews, and it can help its users manage their finances.
19.06.2013 | Egypt Business Directory


The ugly truth of Entrepreneurship

Thinking of escaping the rat race? Want to enjoy the financial freedom? You would love people to call you an entrepreneur?
22.01.2013 | Ayman Ismail


Who is Hisham Ramez, CBE's new governor?

The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) stands before a shift in powers, as Hisham Ramez replaces Dr. Farouk El Okdah as Governor of CBE.
23.12.2012 | Egypt Business Directory


The new Constitution's economic principles

For investors and businessmen, it is important to understand the paragraphs that will affect the way business has been done in Egypt.
13.12.2012 | Gehad Hussein


Thomas Edison vs Nikola Tesla, the Marketeer vs the Engineer

Edison vs Tesla Who is more famous? Who impacted our daily life more than the other? If your answer is Thomas Edison, then this article is for you.
02.12.2012 | Ayman Ismail


The subsidy-crisis, 95 Octane and Egypt's public debt

The solution of taking the excess money of cutting fuel subsidies & channel it towards paying back Egypt’s public debt sounds great - but is it real?
25.09.2012 | Egypt Business Directory


Why invest in Egypt?

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt explain why investing in Egypt is the thing to do at the time.
11.09.2012 | American Chamber Of Commerce in Egypt


Morsi really wants the IMF loan - for three reasons

After various discussions and realizations, it became obvious that Egypt's elected president Morsi and his PM Qandil are relying on the IMF loan.
27.08.2012 | AlBawaba


Egypt's government: It's time to get to know the ministers

Who are the 35 ministers that were appointed by Prime Minister Hesham Qandil and what does their history and political background reveal about them?
05.08.2012 | Egypt Business Directory


Corruption: The modern-day plague of Egypt

Many in Egypt are concerned with major economic issues in the coming period, yet the problems start at the very bottom of things.
25.07.2012 | Front Page Mag


Top five things Morsi has to do if Egypt is to succeed

Juan Cole, Professor of History at the University of Michigan, writes about what Morsi needs to do in order to bring Egypt forward.
02.07.2012 | Informed Comment


Pricing lessons from the London Olympics

This year, the English can teach the world a thing or two about finance and investment, simply by laying out their Olympics Spending Plan.
20.06.2012 | Harvard Business Review


Dear Muslim Brotherhood, how about business?

What can the Muslim Brotherhood promise Egypt in the business and economic sector, and what does their history and their members say about them?
19.06.2012 | Egypt Business Directory


The case for investing in Egypt (EGPT)

Reporter Rudy Martin explains the easiest way to invest in Egypt and contemplates whether its the world's next investing wonder.
29.05.2012 | ETF Daily News


The definitive Africa ETF guide

Although investors are not that keen to invest in Africa, one must admit it is the world's second largest continent.
29.05.2012 | MarketWatch


Dr. Abdel Moneim Abol Fotouh: The Economic Plan

Presidential Candidate Dr. Abdel Moneim Abol Fotouh wants to focus on self-sufficiency and division of wealth to all strata in his economic plan.
18.05.2012 | Gehad Hussein

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Alexandria Steel Forming Company
Alexform is the leading manufacturer of cold rolled steel profiles, offering both quality products and reliable service to its customers.
HWP Planungsgesellschaft mbH
Engineers, architects and consultants who have been planning successfully for more than 35 years.
Egyptian Swiss Chemical Industries Co. (Swiss Chem)
Founded in 1905 as a producer of shoes polish and all types of nails.
Sadko Trade & Distribution
Sadko for Trade & Distribution was founded by Engineer Sadek Ghabbour to trade in electrical home appliances on cash and credit basis.
Oriental Resorts for Touristic Development
Oriental Resorts was founded in 1996 by some of Egypt's most respected and biggest companies for contributing in the evolution of Egyptian tourism.
Established in 1980 with 60 employees, CATEC is a petroleum companies' service provider.
Grundfos Egypt Pumps
Grundfos is one of the world’s leading pump manufacturers.

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