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Gehad Hussein  |  19.10.2011

20 Most Expensive AdWords in Google

The most expensive word on earth is “Insurance”, closely followed by “Loans” – Google gives words value to gain advertising revenue.
In any Google-search, Adwords appear on the right side of the screen or in a yellow highlighted box at the top, right before the search result. Yes, AdWords in Google are sponsored advertisements.

Each time a “Searcher” clicks on a company’s advertisement on Google, the company pays a specified sum of money (cost-per-click) – depending on the keywords it included in the ad.

Simply, this means that each word a company adds in its Google Ads has a price, and the company pays for the amount of clicks it gets. Last year, Google made $32.2 billion in advertising revenue. This represents about 97% of its total income.

Internet Marketing Blog WordStream conducted a study trying to find the most expensive AdWords, and here are the top 20:

[The percentages correspond to the number of keywords in the top 10,000 keywords that belong to that category.]

1. Insurance: 24 percent of keywords; top Cost-Per-Click (CPC) of $54.91
2. Loans: 12.8 percent of keywords; top CPC of $44.28
3. Mortgage: 9 percent; $47.12
4. Attorney: 3.6 percent; $47.07
5. Credit: 3.2 percent, $36.06
6. Lawyer: 3 percent; $42.51
7. Donate: 2.5 percent; $42.02
8. Degree: 2.2 percent; $40.61
9. Hosting: 2.2 percent; $31.91
10. Claim: 1.4 percent; $45.51
11. Conference Call: 0.9 percent; $42.05
12. Trading: 0.8 percent; $33.19
13. Software: 0.8 percent; $35.29
14. Recovery: 0.7 percent; $42.03
15. Transfer: 0.6 percent; $29.86
16. Gas/Electricity: 0.6 percent; $54.62
17. Classes: 0.5 percent; $35.04
18. Rehab: 0.5 percent; $33.59
19. Treatment: 0.4 percent; $37.18
20. Cord Blood: 0.4 percent; $27.80

So a company should watch out how many words it adds to its advertisement on Google, and most importantly which kind of words it uses.

Wondering which sectors use Google Ads the most? Check this article:
It is an account of the industries that see Google Ads as the most beneficial channel for marketing.



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