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Walking a tightrope: MidEast Freedom of Expression

Heinrich Boell Stiftung releases a report analyzing the current situation of news media and freedom of expression in the Middle East.
13.12.2012 | Whitepaper by Heinrich Boell Foundation

Paying Taxes 2013

Tax regimes change rapidly all over the world, and the World Bank's Report 'Paying Taxes 2013' sums up what needs to be known.
12.12.2012 | Whitepaper by The World Bank/The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Global Dynamism Index 2012: Where is Egypt?

Egypt is the fourth worst country to do business in - and it is about time to find out why and how to fix that.
19.11.2012 | Whitepaper by Grant Thornton LLC

Egypt's 2012 Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) Agenda

The Middle East Council for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurship (MCSBE) organized this year’s Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) 2012 in Egypt.
13.11.2012 | Whitepaper by Egypt Business Directory

eMarketing insights: Facebook in Egypt

eMarketing Egypt releases a report with the country's most important Facebook figures and how to use them for online marketing.
26.09.2012 | Whitepaper by eMarketing Egypt

Egypt's history with US-Relations - The American view

How does the American Congress view Egypt, as it provides the latter with constant military and economic assistance?
18.09.2012 | Whitepaper by Congressional Research Service

The Global Competitiveness Report 2012 - 2013

The World Economic Forum report states that governmental and political instability are the most problematic factors for doing business in Egypt.
05.09.2012 | Whitepaper by Klaus Schwab

Arab Social Media Report

An Analysis of the social media movement and its effects in the Arab World, conducted by the Dubai School of Government.
05.09.2012 | Whitepaper by Dubai School of Government

The Wealth Report 2012

The Wealth Report 2012 gives a global perspective on prime property and wealth, and implies that the Egyptian nationality is one to watch.
22.08.2012 | Whitepaper by Knight Frank

Global AdView Pulse: Ad spending in Q1/2012

The world has witnessed interesting trends in the advertising sector - and Nielsen puts these into numbers, statistics and perspective.
26.07.2012 | Whitepaper by Nielsen Egypt

Tweeting in Ramadan

When are the best times for companies to engage on Twitter during Ramadan?
25.07.2012 | Whitepaper by The Online Project

Why don't banks lend to Egypt's private sector?

The World Bank's Economic Policy, Poverty and Gender council released a report about what stops banks from helping the private sector in Egypt.
16.07.2012 | Whitepaper by The World Bank/The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development

How to promote open innovation in Egypt

The 2012 AUC Research Conference for Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Shaping the Future of Egypt, offers solutions.
12.07.2012 | Whitepaper by AUC - The American University In Cairo

Connecting to Compete: Trade Logistics in the Global Economy

The World Bank's newest Trade Logistics Report, where Egypt is placed number 57 worldwide, up from number 92 in 2010 and 97 in 2007.
12.06.2012 | Whitepaper by The World Bank/The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development

The path to a successful economic transition in Egypt

When talking about the economy, it is not about "What would Jesus do?", but "What would the United States do?".
07.06.2012 | Whitepaper by American Progress

Tax laws on corporate income and gains in Egypt

Egyptian tax laws are subject to change frequently, and this is the latest version of laws available.
05.06.2012 | Whitepaper by Ernst & Young

Water Reuse in the Arab World: From Principle to Practice

A summary of the findings of the Expert Consultation Meeting on Wastewater Management in the Arab World, convened in Dubai in May 2011.
22.05.2012 | Whitepaper by The World Bank/The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Clean Energy Development in Egypt: Opportunities and Challenges

This report reviews the opportunities and challenges involved in improving energy efficiency and developing renewable energy resources in Egypt.
08.05.2012 | Whitepaper by AfDB - African Development Bank Group

Snacking in Egypt: The Consumer Statistics

Consumers in Egypt spent close to 8 billion Egyptian Pounds on salty snacks, sweets and other treats last year.
03.05.2012 | Whitepaper by Global Trade

"Bread, Dignity and Social Justice": The Political Economy of Egypt's Transition

The cross-class, cross-ideology coalition that united behind the Jan25 uprising has predictably fragmented, affecting economic guidelines.
29.04.2012 | Whitepaper by Chatham House

The 30-Day Simplicity Challenge - How to simplify your life

Mohamed Tohami, bestselling author & motivational speaker, helps unfulfilled professionals connect their passion to a profitable path.
24.04.2012 | Whitepaper by Mohamed Tohami

IFAD in Egypt - The facts

Empowering rural poor people to improve their lives beyond the length of projects is at the heart of IFAD’s work.
24.04.2012 | Whitepaper by IFAD - International Fund for Agricultural Development

The Wealth Report 2012 - Egyptian Nationality is one to watch

Economic growth alone is not enough to create cities considered genuinely important by the world’s wealthiest people.
19.04.2012 | Whitepaper by Citibank

Egypt's strengths as an outsourcing destination

This paper by the Information Technology Industry Development Agency explains why Egypt is a perfect outsourcing destination.
15.04.2012 | Whitepaper by ITIDA - Information Technology Industry Development Agency

Chinese Investments and Employment Creation in Algeria and Egypt

North African industry has experienced the fallout associated with Chinese competitiveness in manufacturing within their domestic market.
11.04.2012 | Whitepaper by AfDB - African Development Bank Group
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Arabian American Real Estate
Real estate, rentals, sales of property to foreign companies and individuals, such as offices, lands, appartments, villas and investment property.
Oriental Resorts for Touristic Development
Oriental Resorts was founded in 1996 by some of Egypt's most respected and biggest companies for contributing in the evolution of Egyptian tourism.
Sadko Trade & Distribution
Sadko for Trade & Distribution was founded by Engineer Sadek Ghabbour to trade in electrical home appliances on cash and credit basis.
HWP Planungsgesellschaft mbH
Engineers, architects and consultants who have been planning successfully for more than 35 years.
Established in 1980 with 45 employees, CATEC is a petroleum companies' service provider.
Allianz Egypt
Established in 1976, Allianz Egypt obtained license as life insurer in 2001, and specializes in general, life insurance and financial investments.
The Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of Egypt S.A.E.
The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Egypt (TCCBCE) produces and sells Coca-Cola flagship brands nationwide.

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